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    Professional Resume Advice and Interviewing Tips

    With over two decades of speaking directly with the employers presenting candidates resumes, we know what it takes to get the interview! We are not a resume service. We have first hand daily contact with the hiring authority, so we know what triggers an employer’s interest in wanting to interview you!

    Did you know…

    • That on a sales resume, employers want to see more than “that you communicate effectively”. They want to know who, what, when, where and how! We will explain.
    • That if you are in management, employers are not interested “that you can speak in front of large groups of people” and that you “put together marketing materials”. They need to know the specifics and we will explain what those are.
    • If you are wanting to focus on a new career path, employers won’t consider you if you simply list your employment history. We will explain.

    For a small fee, we will provide the following services which will help you market yourself better and give you the edge over others interviewing for the same position!

    • We will revise your resume to show the employer what they really want to see. We will pull out the specific facts, information and verbiage that sets you apart from the rest.
    • We will format your resume the way an employer wants to really see it. It will be clear, concise and to the point!
    • We will guide you on cover letters and what their importance really is.
    • If you are looking to relocate, we will tell you how to not be brushed aside because you don’t live in that area.
    • If you are looking to change your career path, we will help you revise your resume, so the employer will see how your background fits their company.

    And finally,

    • We will provide you with the essential knowledge you need to go into the interview and be prepared! You will receive sample interview questions, the psychology behind the questions you are asked and advise you on how to interview successfully. We will also let you know what is expected after the interview and what few people do to help set themselves apart from the rest.

    In this down volatile market, you have to set yourself apart from the rest. For a small fee of $100, we will give you our advice and expertise which will make a difference.

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