• 17Apr

    Positions Of Expertised

    • Customer Service Representative
    • Inside Sales Representative
    • Outside Sales Representative
    • Account Manager
    • Engineering (Industrial, Sales, Mechanical, Chemical)
    • Sales Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Engineering Manager
    • General Manager

    Industries Serviced

    • Building and Wood Products
    • Printing and Publishing
    • Packaging
    • Chemicals
    • Industrial Products
    • Internet Services
    • Transportation

    Our mission at TNT Recruiting Solutions LLC is to: “Be the best at delivering staffing solutions to our clients and improve the lives of the candidates we place.”

    We have become tenured experts in the field of recruitment by creating long term partnerships with hiring managers at companies nationwide. These partnerships encourage mutual respect and operate under the highest degree of ethical standards.

    We realize that hiring decisions are the most important decisions a management team can make. Bringing in the right team, with the correct skills, will pay dividends every day. Let 2009 be the year you see the difference that over 25 years of recruiting expertise can make.
    TNT Recruiting Solutions

    How to keep your employees from quitting:

    Since you’ve worked hard to hire the right candidate (and turnover is expensive) here are 5 Major Reasons Employees Choose to Stay.

    1. Enjoyment of the Actual work
    2. Those employees who enjoy their work and feel a sense of personal accomplishment are most likely to stay.

    3. Communication With Supervisors
    4. Employees want to feel respected and encouraged by their supervisors. Those most likely to stay receive ongoing performance feedback from their supervisors throughout the year, not just annually.

    5. Provide High Quality Products and Services to Customers
    6. Employees want to be part of a culture in which people really care about doing good work. They are more likely to stay if they believe their organization is operating effectively, is committed to providing high quality products and services, and makes it easy for their customers to do business with them.

    7. Pride in the Work of the Organization
    8. Those who are proud of their organization and believe their work contributes to the organization’s objectives are more likely to stay.

    9. Optimism About the Future
    10. Employees who intend to stay with their organization believe that management is doing a good job of plannning for the future. They also believe that they personally have a good future with the organization.

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